“(Translated by Google)Mr. Xu understands the whole process before and after the mortgage, and sees the problem in advance and provides solutions. It saves us to try our own way, and it is inefficient. Buying a house really has to find a professional who knows how to do it. Mr. Xu at ACG Funding Inc, trustworthy!

(Original) 徐老師了解房貸前後整個過程,預先看到問題並提供解決方案,省得我們自己嘗試,費神又沒效率。買房真得找懂行的專業人士。佳信貸款徐光祖,值得信賴!”

– Shan S


“(Translated by Google) A loan broker is required to buy a house a while ago. My friend recommended Teacher Xu. I also had a phone call with a lot of brokers before, but I talked with Teacher Xu several times and felt that he was experienced, steady and reliable. We are the first to buy a house loan, many details do not understand. Andy is very patient and very careful to explain that every step can walk us through, let us feel relieved in the process. More importantly, it helped us get a good interest! I am so happy! If a friend needs a loan broker, I will definitely recommend Andy Xu again!

(Original) 前陣子買房需要貸款經紀。朋友推薦了徐老師。之前也和不少經紀打過電話,但幾次和徐老師談話下來,覺得他經驗豐富、穩重可靠、說話實在。我們是第一次買房貸款,很多細節不懂。Andy很有耐心,都很仔細解釋,每個步驟都能walk us through, 讓我們在過程中覺得放心不少。更重要的是,幫我們拿到了很好的利息!再開心不過了!若有朋友需要貸款經紀,我一定會再推薦 Andy徐!”

– peter z


“(Translated by Google) Mr. Xu is one of the few experts who can help the first-time buyers to apply for MCC, so that the California government will pay 20% of the mortgage interest rate.

(Original) 徐老師是極少數能幫助房屋首購者申請MCC的專家,讓加州政府出20%的房貸利率,豈不美哉!”

– Mandy H




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